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Some readers complain, “I needed to keep a dictionary at hand because you used so many words I didn’t understand.” I respond, “but now you do.”

I author analytical books that challenge your natural critical thinking abilities by engaging your intellect.


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This Book is about critical and analytical thinking, logic, and reasoning, learning new thinking skills, discovering your unconscious ontology and epistemology, and liberating your innate intellect.

Actual book reviews from readers:

"I would summarize your book by saying, “If you’re looking for a writer to tell you what to think, don’t read this book. But, if you are looking for a book to teach you how to think, proceed.” T.W., Ph.D.

"Personally, it helped me remember all the times I have been wrong about something. It reminded me to disengage from ego and habitual patterns. On a personal note, I agree with the author on his religious/spiritual views, summarized in the Epilog on closure. The book helped me refresh myself on this vital subject!" 
B.G.E., MS Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor 

Robert De Filippis’ latest book “Loosing” Your Mind: Liberating Your Intellect for Critical Thinking, has so many valuable lessons, I wish I had read this book years ago.
J.E.M., M.S.

"If you are open to “Loosing” your Mind” then you won’t regret reading this book. I wish I had read it 40 years ago."

I finished reading your book today and I want to congratulate you. I found it interesting, informative, highly readable, and very enjoyable.

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I'm a retired corporate executive, management consultant, and ontological coach who began writing upon my "retirement" twenty years ago.

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