“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will lead your life and you will call it fate.”

― C.G. Jung

All the great sages of the world have told us peace and contentment must start from the inside. In simple terms, “be true to yourself.” This site is dedicated to the reasoning and analytical thinking that awakens us to our full potential.

This critical thinking has no external goal. Its inner purpose is awakening to our authentic self, our wholeness, our integration, and the recognition that we create our own identities and realities. It is taking ownership for creating meaning in our lives.

It is the full realization of our authentic personality and the power of our inborn intellect. We might call it a natural epistemology that allows us to separate our past uninvited passions, biases and beliefs and reconcile our internal life to our lived experience.

Author Robert DeFilippis

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As adults, two key questions we want answered are, is this it or is there more? And if there’s more, when I die, will I see my loved ones again? Although this book does not provide absolute answers to those questions, it opens the door to more a revealing inquiry. And the possibility that religion and science together can provide a deeper understanding of our place in the universe.

We view important questions in life through the lenses of religion and science. Neither one seems to do a comprehensive job without denying the other. Consequently, neither is complete. This book explores the dark space between the two for better answers. In other words, is it possible that when they come together, they explain more?

The possibility of better answers and the excitement of more profound discoveries await the reader here. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing there is more to this life than what we’ve been told. Learn about the possibility that consciousness is much more than just an emergent property of our brain’s functions.

There is no certainty in an indeterminant universe. This fact opens the door to an amazing range of possibilities. Take the first step into that world.

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