Jung’s comment seems counterintuitive. However, its truth can be found in a deeper examination. The evil he refers to is the inhumanity that can go unchallenged because we are not mindful of our personal behavior.

In her book The Banality of Evil, Hanna Arendt wrote that evil is not always committed by monstrous or wicked people but rather by ordinary people who fail to think critically and morally about their actions.

She argues that evil can become normalized and routine in a society that does not question the principles and values that guide its behavior.

As members of society, we are embedded in its principles and values, and they are in us. Unless we question them, they can become normalized. Then they unconsciously guide our behavior, and we think we’re innocent while others suffer. The purpose of my books is to help you:

  • Awaken to the power of your conscious mind and show you how you create your own identity and reality and have the power to change them both.
  • Understand how your identity and reality create meaning in your life and that of others around you.
  • Understand how they help or hinder you in utilizing the full extent of your inborn intellect.
  • Understand how they constitute your ability to separate your past uninvited passions, biases, and beliefs and reconcile your internal life to a more satisfying lived experience.
  • Recognize how these uninvited passions, biases, and beliefs might diminish the quality of your personal life and in your present relationships.



Author Robert DeFilippis

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As adults, two key questions we want answered are, is this it or is there more? And if there’s more, when I die, will I see my loved ones again? Although this book does not provide absolute answers to those questions, it opens the door to more a revealing inquiry. And the possibility that religion and science together can provide a deeper understanding of our place in the universe.

We view important questions in life through the lenses of religion and science. Neither one seems to do a comprehensive job without denying the other. Consequently, neither is complete. This book explores the dark space between the two for better answers. In other words, is it possible that when they come together, they explain more?

The possibility of better answers and the excitement of more profound discoveries await the reader here. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing there is more to this life than what we’ve been told. Learn about the possibility that consciousness is much more than just an emergent property of our brain’s functions.

There is no certainty in an indeterminant universe. This fact opens the door to an amazing range of possibilities. Take the first step into that world.

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