July 4, 2022

There’s no more pathetic sight than a nation saying, “what did we do to ourselves.”

As I watched the January 6 Committee hearings, I kept thinking about how obvious the plan to steal the election was. And how many people won’t be convinced by the facts, even if they hear them. But, of course, those who refuse to hear them are already lost, and nothing will change their minds.

But this is nothing new. People cling to their beliefs even if they have no connection to reality because that feature of human nature is genetically conserved in our genome. It goes back to the days when we needed to believe what our tribe believed even if it was wrong because, without the tribe, we wouldn’t survive.

Today, we don’t generally think of ourselves as members of tribes in the traditional sense. But we do belong to ideological tribes. And these tribes speak a kind of language called narratives. These narratives communicate the tribe’s beliefs, so all the members know what to say to maintain membership and earn virtue in the eyes of the tribes’ other members.

Ideological tribes tend to simplify complexities and promote fantasies and falsities. Generally speaking, this is not much of a problem when the tribe does not influence outside of itself.

Sometimes, the members of a tribe become so certain of their beliefs that they want to impose them on people who are not members. But, again, this is not much of a problem until they become powerful enough to do that.

When two tribes come together and mix each other’s fantasies and falsities and have the power and influence necessary to impose their beliefs, look out!

And this is the situation we’re facing today. Two ideological tribes have merged to form a kind of Fascist neo-Republican Party. The Fascist White American Christian Evangelicals and the Fascist MAGA Trumplicans have merged to “suspend democracy” long enough to install an “American Caesar” to turn the government into an autocracy based on their fantasies and falsities.

Knowing the near impossibility of changing their minds, I have grave concerns about our ability as middle-ground Americans to save our democracy. So excuse me if I don’t believe anyone will be brought to justice after the hearings.

So, while these hearings prove that the former president was trying to stay in power even after losing the election, folks in the heartland are ignoring them and moving along with their plan.

Here’s a recent example. Last night I saw a large campaign sign for a county sheriff’s contest. In this case, this man was campaigning to be a “Constitutional Sheriff.” “The origins of constitutional sheriff ideology are in the two concepts of the county supremacy movement: the county and not the state or federal governments should control all land within its borders, and the county sheriff is the ultimate law enforcement authority in the U.S. This idea was pioneered by Christian identity minister William Potter Gale in the 1970s and described as Posse Comitatus.” (Source: SPLC)

“William Potter Gale was a political activist involved with several white supremacist groups, including Christian Identity and the Posse Comitatus. He was tied to the Aryan Nations, the Church of Jesus Christ–Christian, the Sovereign citizen movement, and the Militia Movement.” (Source: Wikipedia)

The hearings in D.C. are a façade going on for the delight of the chattering classes. But, in the heartland, an actual functioning plan to take over the United States is happening right under our noses. Rolling the power of the ultimate authority to enforce the law into the hands of one person is Fascism 101. I hope you understand the tyranny that fascism brings with it because people are attempting to impose it on you right now.

I just have one summary statement: There’s no more pathetic sight than a nation waking up and saying, “what did we do to ourselves.”


  1. Bob, I love reading your articles I agree with your thinking. I have watched every hearing about —– I can’t stand to say his name. But our Justice Dept. Is going to have to file charges against him in order for his fans to see not even a low slime of the earth with money isn’t above the law. And charges need to stick even if he held the most respected office on American soil. He trashed it and made everyone that followed him look like puppets in a show, which they became. If not the crime rates will sore to new highs with him funding them all.

  2. Bob, as always right on point! The question is, what are WE THE PEOPLE going to do? The tipping point of progress will not be achieved. In essence, we will be going in reverse; submitting all the ground gained in the past 60 years, lost to fascist evangelical white supremacists who see anyone other than white people in power a threat. I wrote a musical composition the day after the coup attempt, “January 6 – End of America.” It will be on my next release! This experiment has had it’s run. If there is zero accountability this time around, it’s done.

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