On Coaching, with the Birkman Method

This book is not just about using the Birkman method. Nor is it just for Birkman coaches. It is about how our personalities work, how and why we communicate the way we do, how we can shift our automatic responses and actions to make conscious choices and produce better outcomes in our lives.

Note: Don’t let the title fool you. This book is definitely not just for experienced coaches using the Birkman Method. Yet its wisdom may influence you to become one!

Reader Benefits:

  • Enhance your knowledge of the creation and evolution of the human personality
  • Learn to ask more effective questions
  • Build greater perceptive abilities.
  • Interpret your own and other’s behaviors with new awareness and sensitivity
  • Envision greater possibilities for your life and your relationships
  • Inspire yourself and others to more authentic and effective action.
  • Based on solid theoretical and philosophical grounding, you’ll go all the way to practical examples of how we use language to create our life’s circumstances.
  • Be introduced to knowledge in this book that isn’t in any other books or materials on the Birkman Method.
  • Study the first and only marriage of Ontological Coaching to the Birkman Method.
  • Learn practical skills from actual examples gathered in 30 years of coaching with the Birkman.
  • With knowledge developed in a career of over three decades, keep this book on your bookshelf as a guide and reference manual to the best coaching practices. It’s like having a master coach available to you any time you need him.