Fascism Requires a Legal Foundation to Sustain Itself.

The Republican Party Wants to Suspend Democracy and Run the Country.

Jesus and John Wayne will save White Nationalism

The Confusion of Politics and Religion

Mixing religion with politics diminishes both.

Christian Evangelical Extremism is Destroying the Country

Even mainline Christianity is suffering from the extremism of Christian White Nationalism.

Three steps to protect yourself from destructive propaganda

We Are Not All Enemies.

We Are Not All Enemies

Hearing but not Listening

Hearing is biological. Listening is linguistic.

How vulnerable are you to propaganda?

How vulnerable are you to propaganda? Because you agree with or like it doesn’t mean it’s not propaganda. The managed mind is resistant to any kind of fake news, lies, or propaganda. Listen in to learn more.

What’s truth?

What’s the truth? Can we find it? The answer is no, unless we know ourselves and how to assess the propaganda we’re being fed every day.