April 7, 2022

You, Your SELF and the 21st Century

One of the blessings of any creative person is witnessing other creative people discovering your ideas, valuing, and using them, then innovatively building upon them. Robert T. De Filippis’ book is an excellent example of such an effort. While I developed The Birkman Method® on an empirical basis, almost since its creation, innovative consultants have expressed “theoretical” models for the results. Mr. De Filippis is the first to put his ideas down in written form. His application of The Method using neuro-cognitive science constructs is informative and forward thinking. His unique philosophical/psychological/scientific approach will no doubt be enlightening to many. I have always enjoyed being on the “cutting-edge” in my industry and recommend You, Your SELF and the 21st Century: Coaching yourself and others in postmodern times in this spirit.

Roger Birkman, Ph.D.