Time to Unite

Today, a third of us are delighted, another third are depressed, and 40 percent have no idea what just happened. The 2022 midterms, possibly the most important in our history, are over, and I’ll bet my next pension check, the lawsuits have begun to fly. I’m writing this column a week ahead, and I’m predicting… Continue reading Time to Unite

Are we at the bottom?

The Cuban missile crisis dragged me into adulthood in 1962, the year I was married. I began to pay attention to world events. Soon after, our country shared the pain of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. This was during the time we were torn apart by the war in Viet Nam… Continue reading Are we at the bottom?

“Who will you believe, Trump or your lying eyes?”

Like everything else, the January 6th Committee hearings are splitting the country into believers and non-believers. Never mind that these hearings uncover the ongoing treason committed by a former president, his government co-conspirators, and his not insignificant numbers of loyal followers. (71 percent of Republicans — roughly 52 million voters, according to a University of Massachusetts… Continue reading “Who will you believe, Trump or your lying eyes?”

Is America broken beyond repair?

I believe every conscious American has the same concern as we suffer another mass murder. And I make this comment because this may be the one point we can agree on in our current state of polarity. To avoid being possessed by one narrative or the other, I want to suggest we take a look… Continue reading Is America broken beyond repair?

Jesus and John Wayne, A New From of Toxic Masculinity?

From an article in the Washington Post, by Michelle Boorstein in July of 2021, “Late last month, one of the accused Jan. 6 Capitol insurrectionists told a D.C. judge that she didn’t recognize his authority and was making a “divine special appearance. “Pauline Bauer, Stephen Baker, and Jenna Ryan were among the thousands who descended… Continue reading Jesus and John Wayne, A New From of Toxic Masculinity?

What Should America Be?

Have you noticed that the primary conflict in our society is that we all have different views of what America is and should be? This is a result of what philosophers call the postmodern era which brought about the advent of moral relativism. In layperson’s terms, we no longer live in a society that has… Continue reading What Should America Be?

Are the “Woke Social Justice Warriors” Jihadists?

Last week I wrote about how “Woke” and “Jihad” are erroneously interpreted by those folks who claim to be in both conditions. This week, I’m taking a deeper look at how this affects society with another author’s help. Author Nassim Nicolas Taleb, in his book Antifragile, makes the point that for systems to grow, they… Continue reading Are the “Woke Social Justice Warriors” Jihadists?

The Grand Old Party is Not!

The Republican Party is no more. It has become a radical insurgency (in Noam Chomsky’s words). From the advent of neoliberalism (free market trickle-down economic voodoo) during the Reagan years to Mitch McConnell’s oath to make sure the Democrats get nothing done, the Republican Party has done everything in its power to destroy democracy in… Continue reading The Grand Old Party is Not!

Do Good Guys Finish Last?

Susan Sontag, American writer, filmmaker, philosopher, and teacher said, “10 percent of any population is cruel, no matter what, and 10 percent is merciful, no matter what, and the remaining 80 percent can be moved in either direction.” As I turned 82 this week, I did the examination of conscience I was taught so many… Continue reading Do Good Guys Finish Last?