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What Should America Be?

Have you noticed that the primary conflict in our society is that we all have different views of what America is and should be? This.... READ MORE

Are the “Woke Social Justice Warriors” Jihadists?

Last week I wrote about how "Woke" and "Jihad" are erroneously interpreted by those folks who claim to be in both conditions. This week, I'm.... READ MORE

The Grand Old Party is Not!

The Republican Party is no more. It has become a radical insurgency (in Noam Chomsky's words). From the advent of neoliberalism (free market trickle-down economic.... READ MORE

Do Good Guys Finish Last?

Susan Sontag, American writer, filmmaker, philosopher, and teacher said, "10 percent of any population is cruel, no matter what, and 10 percent is merciful, no.... READ MORE

How lies become the truth.

In his book Mein Kompf, Hitler laid out the secret to creating a simulated reality with a Big Lie. I.e., when you tell a lie.... READ MORE