Writing is my final career. I try to express the wisdom, experience, and compassion of an octogenarian in words that might serve others. My core theme is applied behavioral science, a multidisciplinary body of knowledge that attempts to illuminate the mysteries of human behavior.

My first book would have been my Ph.D. dissertation had life not interrupted my plans. My candidacy submitted, events in my life intervened, and I didn’t finish—that first book created closure to 10 years of prior study that brought me to that point.

While relatively complex, as is any Ph.D. dissertation, that book contained the interdisciplinary scaffolding of core concepts that informed all seven of my later books. Cognitive psychology, linguistics and linguistic philosophy, the dark space between science and religion, psychometrics, and personality theory, form the skeleton of the content of everything I’ve written since my first book was published in 2003. (All available from your favorite online bookseller.)

It is my hope that my books bring a gift of wisdom to younger people so they may not need to suffer the errors I made in earning it.

I passionately believe in this quote from Albert Einstein,

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

Author Robert DeFilippis