I’ve had many careers and am now in my fourth and final as an author. I’ve been a manufacturing executive, management consultant, small business owner, and executive coach. I’m now offering the wisdom I’ve gained in those careers. Today, as an author, my purpose is to help readers achieve their personal goals and improve their quality of life. To that end, I’ve authored five of my nine books on topics related to this purpose. They include:

Two books on coaching others.

One book on coaching yourself to be a more focused thinker titled:

And two books on the mysteries of consciousness and how understanding it helps us regain our personal power to manage our life.

  • Unexplained Consciousness Events
  • Signals in the Noise: Encountering the Limits of Materialist Science – An Exploration of Consciousness and Reality. Soon to be released.

I’m convinced that the potential power of consciousness is the most wasted of all human assets. Our ability to use our minds mindfully is an essential contributor to our effectiveness in life. But the real key to satisfaction and contentment in life is to be found in our relationships with other people.

Author Robert DeFilippis